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3918 Maunahilu Place
Honolulu, HI, 96816
United States


Tikishiki is a woman's handbag brand. These handbags are a blend of traditional Japanese design, Hawaii vintage and beautiful inspiring fabrics, with a modern functional edge. Drawing its inspiration from Asian history, island culture and coastal living. 



Learn about the history,style and design of Tikishiki handbags. Traditional Japanese design, Hawaii vintage and beautiful inspiring fabrics, with a modern functional edge. 

Our Story


Tikishiki handbags are a blend of traditional Japanese design, Hawaii vintage inspired fabrics, with a modern edge.


Upon returning from a holiday in Japan, I was influenced by the design of a long-established furoshiki. This is a Japanese wrapping cloth that dates back to the 17th century. Today, the furoshiki is used as an ecofriendly, reusable, recyclable, washable and wearable, multipurpose wrapping fabric.



Jennifer, the Owner & Designer of Tikishiki Handbags

Unbelievably amazing swag bags...
— N. Schack

The Product...


Tikishiki handbags are a different design. Combining culture, style and function with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship this handbag is a unique and special accessory. Use it for an artistic and fashion forward addition to your every day look, travel adventures or special occasions. 


Tikishiki is a woman's handbag brand. Our handbags have two different removable functioning parts. Take the Japanese "furoshiki" and add a modern functional component, the handle. 

The Cloth Bag...

A double layered fabric square, each complementing the other for reversibility, available in 3 different sizes (sml, med & lrg). Sewn together with a detailed color stitch.  The fabric is uniquely chosen for its beauty and functionality. Silks, textured cottons, polyester, linen, rayon and modals, with a preference for vintage bark cloth of old Hawaii are the textile choices that we are made of. The cloth part of the handbag must be beautiful, functional and sturdy, carrying and protecting our customers personal belonging in style.


The Handle...

The handle is both strong and sexy, made of quality European leather, adding an edge and an aspect of functionality to our bag design. The leather handle comes in a few different colors to accompany the cloth and 2 different lengths; 12'' and 15''.  The hardware attached to the handle comes in 2 different colors as well, silver or gold to complement the cloth and individual style of its owner. The handle is both functional and fashionable. 


"The result is a relaxed, boho silhouette that has a totally modern, hip, slouchy feel ideal for every day carry, with an intriguing origami aesthetic that will resonate with the artist in you". -N.S.

Our leather strap add an edge and make these handbags stand out with class.